The PERSIST (PERsonal Self-Improving SmarT spaces) project was an EU FP7 project that aimed to develop the concept of a Personal Smart Space (PSS). At the time, research trends were focused on developing isolated smart environments such as homes or offices via a fixed infrastructure. In contrast the Personal Smart Space was a smart environment that was attached to the mobile devices that you carried around with you, providing a context aware and personalised experience to users at all times.

When your PSS came into contact with a fixed smart space (such as a home or office) it could take advantage of the functionality and information provided by the fixed smart space to self improve itself. Equally, the same was true if your PSS came into contact with the PSS of another person. The main picture shows us testing the interaction between 2 PSSs as they come together and begin to interact.

The project was awarded an Excellent mark by the EU commission and was seen as one of their flagship projects at the time.

For more information about the project please visit the website:


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