The SOCIETIES (Self Orchestrating CommunIty ambiEnT IntelligEnce Spaces) project was an EU FP7 project that aimed to add social functionalities to a Personal Smart Space or PSS (developed in the PERSIST project). The aim was to extend the concept of a PSS to that of a Community Smart Space or CSS that could support much greater interaction and social engagement.

When one or more PSSs came together they could create CSSs on the fly through which they could share targeted functionalities or information. CSSs could also auto-generate based on the social interactions between certain PSSs in the past meaning that the mundane job of managing connections and sharing resources was mitigated. The main image shows me demonstrating the functionalities of a CSS that was created for students in our department to use. As a member of that CSS they had access to a variety of functionalities including various interactive displays around the department. The displays could be controlled through body gestures and could show various content including latest news and weather, personalised class timetables and current CSS members nearby.

The SOCIETIES project was awarded an Excellent mark by the EU commission.

For more information about SOCIETIES please visit the website:


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