The SUMMIT (Supporting rUral tourisM through Motivational Intelligent Technologies) project was funded through SICSA and the dotRural digital economy hub. The aim was to create a mobile app that would encourage the walking and hiking communities in the Highlands of Scotland to better avail themselves of local resources including hospitality, product vendors and tourist attractions.

The idea was to gamify the walking and hiking experience by rewarding users as they reached certain points along the route. When users reached these ‘checkpoints’ (geo-fenced locations) they unlocked new virtual rewards from which they could choose one to put in their virtual knapsack.  The rewards were provided by local businesses and typically included things like a free muffin or discounted entry to an attraction. The idea was that the app users would then take their virtual award to the providing local business to exchange it for a real one. In doing so they would visit a local business that they might not have otherwise and perhaps might also avail themselves of other resources while there (e.g. maybe buy a coffee or a guide book).

The app was created along with a web-based portal through which businesses could manage the rewards they provided. The concept was tested on Arthurs Seat in Edinburgh in January 2013. A total of 10 businesses signed up to take part in the trial and 20 app users.

For more information about the SUMMIT project please visit the website:


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