Why. Exploring how people could use a specially designed kit to make their data tangible and physical.

What. Physikit is a toolkit that enables anyone to quickly and easily turn their data into physical form. The toolkit consists of two main parts. Firstly, there are four physical visualisation cubes – called physicubes. Secondly there is a very simple web interface through which anyone can connect data (e.g. from social media feeds, sensors, health trackers) to the physicubes. The four physicubes each have different physical properties and can represent data in different physical ways, through light, vibration, rotation, and airflow. The cubes can be used individually, e.g. to physically present data in different parts of the home, or combined to make one large physical data visualisation.

How. Sketching, physical prototyping, digital fabrication, electronics, full stack dev, interaction design, UI design, system testing, interviews, diary studies, qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis, in-the-wild study.

Who. In collaboration with Dr Steven Houben, Dr Connie Golsteijn, Dr Rose Johnson, Dr Saskia Bakker, Dr Nicolai Marquardt, Professor Licia Capra, and Professor Yvonne Rogers.