IoT Spectrometer: Circadian Lighting

Why. To capture the full spectrum of outdoor daylight and use it to control indoor office lighting in real-time, to align with natural circadian rhythms.

What. The spectrum of daylight changes throughout the day affecting our natural circadian rhythms. These natural cycles can be disrupted when working inside, for example in office environments with little natural daylight. By capturing the full spectrum of daylight and using it to control tunable indoor lighting in real-time we were able to introduce circadian lighting indoors and explore its effects on inhabitants. More details of this study can be found at the links below.

How. Physical prototyping, digital fabrication, electronics, cloud computing

Who. In collaboration with Jason Giddings.

Research paper: Testing the use of Spectrally Tunable Lighting Systems to Improve Comfort, Alertness and Sleep Quality in Indoor Working Environments

LuxLive 2020 Review article

CIBSE journal article