Mood Squeezer

Why. Exploring how tangible technologies can lighten the mood in a dull office environment.

What. Mood Squeezer is an interactive installation that invites you to ‘squeeze the colour of your mood’ on a tangible device with different coloured stress balls on top. The squeezed colours are displayed publicly in the office for others to see. The ambiguous question invites curiosity, playfulness, and triggers conversations between employees – often around how they are actually feeling at work.

How. Physical prototyping, digital fabrication, electronics, full stack dev, observations, interviews, surveys, qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis, in-the-wild study.

Who. In collaboration with Dr Jenny O’Connor, Dr Connie Golsteijn, Dr Jon Bird, Professor Yvonne Rogers, Professor Licia Capra, Danny Harrison, and Dr Paul Marhsall.