Why. To explore how physical questionnaire devices could be used to make nationwide information gathering – such as the UK Census – more dynamic and open.

What. Sen-Us is a set of five physical input stations that address different themes that are covered in the UK Census. To interact with each station, an NFC identity card (like an Oyster card) is inserted to activate the station. Questions are then answered through a series of physical inputs – such as buttons and sliders. When finished, the card is removed and answers are logged with the card ID. This allows answers from the same person to be linked across different stations. A large visualisation pillar displays infographics of all collected answers, and when you insert your identify card the pillar shows how your answers compare to others.

How. Physical prototyping, digital fabrication, electronics, full stack dev, interaction design, observations, interviews, qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis, in-the-wild study.

Who. In collaboration with Dr Connie Golsteijn, Cassie Robinson, Professor Yvonne Rogers, and Professor Licia Capra. Thanks to Somerset House, The Southbank Centre, and the British Council.