Urban Typewriter

Why. Exploring how to gather open-ended responses to community-related questions in public spaces.

What. The Urban Typewriter is a device that invites open-ended responses from the public. People can respond to a question by typing on a large keyboard, read what other people have recently responded, and view summary visualisations of answers received. The Urban Typewriter has visited key social hubs across the Croydon area including a school, community centre and a library, and over 1500 responses have been received to a variety of questions on local issues.

How. Sketching, physical prototyping, digital fabrication, electronics, interaction design, pilot study, usability evaluation, interviews, observations, qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis, in-the-wild study.

Who. In collaboration with Dr Lisa Koeman and Professor Yvonne Rogers. Thanks to Croydon Council.

//Photo credit: Lisa Koeman