Why. To explore if a physical questionnaire machine could gather useful opinions and feedback from crowds at events, in a fun and engaging way.

What. VoxBox is a large physical questionnaire designed as an alternative to ‘clip-board’ surveys at events. People can respond to a series of questions by turning dials, pushing sliders, pressing buttons and talking on a telephone. As you complete all the questions a coloured ball drops down a tube showing your progress and when you finish the ball drops out for you to take as a souvenir. You can also look at the back of VoxBox to see data visualizations of how others have answered the questions.

How. Physical prototyping, digital fabrication, electronics, full stack dev, interaction design, observations, interviews, video capture, qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis, in-the-wild study.

Who. In collaboration with Dr Connie Golsteijn, Dr Lorna Wall, Dr Lisa Koeman, Sami Andberg, Professor Yvonne Rogers, and Professor Licia Capra.

//Photo credits: Danny Harrison and Lisa Koeman